Career/Life/Executive Coaching  

Coaching is personalized contact over a period of time to help an individual navigate life and/or work productively and in harmony with his/her goals and aspirations.

Coaching assists individuals in:

• Tapping into their potential
• Identifying what is truly important in their lives
• Developing goals and action plans
• Uncovering core beliefs and incorporating them into daily activities
• Maintaining a balance between life and work
• Sustaining growth through strategic planning and concrete strategies
• Bridging the gap between barriers and realities
• Maintaining the momentum to meet life's challenges while working toward improving the quality of life

We work with you by developing an agreement on the frequency of sessions over an agreed period of time, the specific content of each session concerning a work or life issue, and specific goals and tasks you will work on between sessions. The sessions may be on the telephone or in person, if this is feasible.